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Consistent Instagram Profile Can Be Your Key To Success!

When you check an account on Instagram, the first thing you see is the grid presenting the last 6-9 photos. Usually, it’s up to their consistency (and, obviously, their looks) whether we decide to give this particular profile more attention and click the ‚follow’ button. That’s why it’s essential that we make sure that the photos we publish on our Instagram are consistent and coherent.
So, how do I keep a consistent Instagram profile?

Plan your publications!

When you take photos, don’t shoot chaotically, but rather plan your shots and the order in which you will publish them to get the most out of the Instagram.

Think about the subject, cropping, and colors of your photos

Try to choose two or three colors that would make a good theme of your photo session. Those can be neutral, mellow colors that will make your photos consistent. Think if you want to introduce into your photoshoot a more intense color, to be the emphasis.

how do I keep a consistent Instagram profile - tips for bloggers

Session Subjects

Consider whether you want to photograph interiors our go outside. Do you prefer landscapes or urban life? Or maybe you already have a lot of photos taken at home, so it’s time to move out of it?;) This also has a huge impact on how your account will be received.

Image processing

If you are processing images in VSCO, you have an option of saving one photo editing settings, which you will later duplicate with each subsequent image: similar brightness, contrast, and, last but not least, the same filter. Use this to limit the use of filters. Choose a favorite one, and that will add the same consistent effect to all your pictures.

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