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5 Ways That Lead To Perfect Flat Lay

The flat lay photography needs no big introduction since it conquered the Instagram. It shouldn’t be surprising to anybody – it’s not a tricky technique, and it makes even the most unremarkable objects look somewhat…appealing? Here’s a quick set of insightful tips that will give you a clue how to achieve the perfect flat lay photo.

Select a topic

I won’t try to take the photo before I don’t have its theme specified. Today, I’m going for creativity! I want to invite you to my workspace, and show how does my desk look like during the ‚process of creation.’

Use a bright background

The desk I sit and work at is white for a good reason. This is the most neutral and grateful background we can choose. Whatever it is I want to photograph – I’m sure it is perfectly exposed and at the same time – not overwhelmed by the color of the surface it lies on.

perfect flat lay

Use contrasting elements

I don’t have to match background with all the elements on it, but I always make sure that all of them are consistent, even monochromatic. Black, grey, other darker colors – they always look elegant. However, remember that a little bit of color won’t do you any harm 🙂

Take photos in the natural light

My desk is right under the window, so it’s bathing in all the natural light a day has to offer. We also do not want for our sessions to extend for longer than intended, so its best to use the artificial lighting only when necessary.

tips for perfect flat lays

Use height to your advantage!

It may be trivial – but try to take a picture from the highest possible point so that the angles won’t get distorted! You can, for example, stand on your chair. And if conditions require some special measures, you can always place your scene on the floor. Because, why not? 🙂

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Good luck! Let your flat lay conquer Instagram!




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