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5 Photographic Tips For Bloggers

I really enjoy watching the steady development of my skills as I take one shot after the other… Oh, but I’m not in the army, nor do I have anything to do with guns. I’m a photographer! Taking photos regularly is the best practice you can get. I’m trying to do this as often as I can because they are a significant part of my blog.

If you are a blogger, you probably know how important good photos are. Today, I will try to share the photographic tips for bloggers. They can help you take better images that will match the content of your blog 😉

1. Do not demand too much from yourself!

In the era of ‘perfect’ photography, it is to become a perfectionist yourself. And, in the result, expect too much. Whatever we do, the results aren’t satisfying!
You can’t let it happen to you. Just focus on taking your own photos! Remember that you do not photograph to copy someone, but to show your true self.

2. Go outside and carpe diem with your camera ;P

I have never been a huge supporter of stylized photography, and I strongly believe that what makes a photo really stand out is the natural, spontaneous moment it captures. Such images get famous worldwide, such images win prizes. Maybe you will be the one, who catches something extraordinary with a camera? 😉 So take it, and go outside! Doesn’t matter if you live in a city, or in the middle of the desert, there’s always something exciting waiting for you!

take better photos - tips for bloggers

3. Natural light is definitely enough!

Also, don’t let yourself get fooled by those who say that you need an expensive camera and a cluster of lighting equipment for each of your sessions. The phone will do! With a sill or a table placed next to the window, you will catch enough light to take a good photo. With an addition of a few gadgets, your photos will get expressive!

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4. Do not overdo the retouching. VSCO is enough.

While I don’t like to publish the completely ‘raw’ pictures, I also don’t like to exaggerate with retouching, because it can turn a good photo into a fake. Brighten the picture, add some contrast, maybe remove a little saturation. If you want, create your personal filter and use it whenever you are working on your blog or Instagram.

how to take better photos for your blog

5. Practice makes perfect!

So do it! Try and try and try again! Don’t be discouraged if something won’t turn out as you wanted. Don’t get impatient. People, who achieved success, did not get where they are, because they gave up after first, second, well, a hundred of failures. You can do it too. Practice, give yourself the opportunity to watch as you grow, learn more, master your skills. This is one of the most satisfying feelings a person can experience.


Photographer, blogger, walking inspiration. Photography has not always been my dream job, but one day I realized that camera is that one thing that brings me the biggest joy and it was a breakthrough and wonderful moment in my life! I love coffee, books, peanut butter and vanilla candles. I like to cook, eat healthy, and visit the gym (for as long as I don’t get muscle sores!). Self-development is my cup of tea. Because when you do something, give it all you’ve got!