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Prepare Your Blog For 2018!

I love New Year – I love to analyze what I have managed to do so far, make summaries and new plans.

The beginning of the year can also be a fantastic moment to look back at your work on the blog and prepare it for the new season, like planning your activities in a way that will help you reach the highest level of blogging! Here are some tips that will help you with that.

Update your blog’s content

Just think how much of your content may require a bit of refreshing. Ageing articles, the personal data tab, contact, cooperation, maybe the donations button? 馃槈聽Check which of the entries are no longer valid, perhaps some of them should be supplemented with new information or photos?聽Don’t hesitate to do it!

Do the same with the rest of the tabs. Make sure that all the information is up to date and add there all the important things that happened recently. Don’t be afraid to boast a little about your achievements and mention them wherever you can!

Done? Now plan the new one

If the old content is already refreshed, it means that you’ve had a chance to draw some conclusions, while working on it. Thus, it will be easier to decide what you would like to change in the subject matter and form of your posts. Write down all the ideas and determine what you would like to implement in the near future.

While analyzing the older content, think about what posts (subjects) turned out to be your best successes and attracted the greatest attention of your readers. Also, decide what聽kind of content you enjoyed creating the most and have the biggest confidence in.

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And then, taking these aspects into account, prepare your plan and get to work!

Prepare your blog for 2018. Update your blog鈥檚 content and plan the new one.

Change the design of your blog

The impression that your blog makes is something that often determines whether the reader will want to stay on your website and actually read a post and check the rest of its contents 馃槈聽 聽If you feel like it has more to offer visually, change the template.

Trust me on this one – I used to feel more motivated to regularly write my posts right after I changed the look of my blog. It does not necessarily have to be the most expensive template in the world. Sometimes it is enough to find something at an average, or even low price. Don’t aim too high if you don’t have the funds – your priority is to introduce some freshness to your blog, and it can be achieved not necessarily with the top-end template, but one that will compliment it just in the right way!

Also, pay attention to your photos – you can use a free photo bank to choose the ones that will introduce a lot of professionalism and style to your blog.聽If you need a place to find those, you came to the right place! 馃槈

Prepare your blog for 2018. How to Change the design of your blog

Improve SEO

The correct keywords used on your blog and in particular articles will help you increase the traffic. If you haven’t taken too much care of it so far, take a day or two to improve it and make it easier for potential readers to find your blog in the search engine.

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One of the useful plug-ins that can help you with this task is the Yoast SEO. If you don’t use it yet, test it!

Prepare your blog for 2018.. How to prepare your blog for a new season - change the design of your blog

Promote promote promote!聽

Look for blogs similar to your own. Those where there’s a chance for you to write guest entries and propose the same to their creators. Find thematic groups on Facebook, plan regular activities in social media and compose an absorbing newsletter. Make sure that each day you promote and redirect users to the posts on your blog. Some people say blogging is 20% creation and 80% promotion. It may be hard to believe, but it actually works! So don’t be shy, believe in what you’re doing and share it with others!

These few steps will surely help you make a few firm steps into the new year of your blogging adventure. Go for it!





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