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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media. It's A Trap!

Like probably everyone who works on the web, I too struggle with the urge to compare myself with other people I observe and admire. And while inspiration is fun and motivating, blind comparison of our work with others can be more harmful than good. What can we do to stop this destructive behavior?

Nobody is perfect!

We shouldn’t believe everything we see on the internet – Abe Lincoln said that…

While online, we tend to show only the joyful portions of our lives and hide those that are darker, deeper, and more serious. People, who share nothing but the positive content, create a rather false picture of their lives.

Success is a sum of many factors and most of it is sweat and hard work. This, you will not find in the photos. Keep that in mind and remember that you’re only seeing a small portion of reality. Let it motivate you, not the other way around.

Don’t be jealous – be inspired!

It is great to observe how people from our branch of business get to the top. However, if we feel like we are working harder but with way worse results, this can cause frustration and jealousy. It’s understandable but that’s the worst thing one can do. If they made it, and you know that you work as hard as any of them, or harder, then you are bound to achieve success eventually.

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Treat it as an inspiration, a motivation to try and perform even better. It can be done, and people you observe are the best example that’s not that complicated. A great way to unload these negative emotions is to write them a friendly, congratulatory message. You’ll immediately feel better, while also building the bridge, not burning one 😉

Prepare your action plan and focus on it.

It’s easy to get lost in an online chase when you don’t know where you are going. So make your own action plan and stick to it.

Every day, remember what you have to do to fulfill your dreams and achieve YOUR goals. Feel confident about what you are dreaming about and what you are striving for. You are a unique person and you must find your own way to fulfill your dreams!

Appreciate how far you are already

And if you feel the urge to compare yourself with somebody, compare your past self with the present one.

Have you started running?

Have you found a nice job?

Have you learned some new skills?


Every new step is worth being proud of. It does not really matter how others reach their goals. You have your way, appreciate every day, find pleasure in what you are doing and be proud of your achievements!

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Work on your confidence

You have to believe in yourself. Really – stop criticizing every step you take and learn to appreciate all, even the slightest successes.

Everything takes time!


Photographer, blogger, walking inspiration. Photography has not always been my dream job, but one day I realized that camera is that one thing that brings me the biggest joy and it was a breakthrough and wonderful moment in my life! I love coffee, books, peanut butter and vanilla candles. I like to cook, eat healthy, and visit the gym (for as long as I don’t get muscle sores!). Self-development is my cup of tea. Because when you do something, give it all you’ve got!