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7 Essential Things I Learned as A Blogger

Blogging may seem very nice, light and rewarding job from the outside. However, once we begin to do this ourselves, our opinion can change dramatically. Today’s post is about the 7 essential things I learned as a blogger. They were some valuable lessons that helped me during my (not-so-short) adventure with blogging.

In the beginning, it’s harder than you ever thought

Someone could already have mentioned to you that blogging is hard, but what can be that difficult in typing on your computer while chilling and sipping coffee? If you’re starting your blog from scratch, there are plenty of things you need to do and learn, and they can be a bit overwhelming (it gets easier with a second blog!) However, in my opinion, the most important thing is a regular publication. No matter what happens.

Work, work, work!

The more you work, the happier you become. And luckier!  I strongly believe that if you want to succeed, you have to work hard on it. We achieve success in many areas of life through discipline and fair work. Building your life form on the gym, good relations with other people, success at university or at work – all this requires dedication, determination, and commitment to work. And when you work hard, more opportunities come your way – success is bound to appear!

Every day I wondered about the value I give to visitors of my blog

After a few months or years of blogging, you will really start to focus on the value you give to those who visit your blog. In the beginning, you wonder how to start writing, how to embrace technical matters, you are looking for your vision and style. Finally, however, you have to focus on this – WHY you want to develop your blog at all, who you can help, how to solve someone’s problem and how you can share the value through the content that you publish regularly.

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Do not compare yourself to other artists

I learn not to compare myself to other artists

When we have so many fantastic bloggers around us, it’s hard not to try and compare our blog with theirs! However – each of us has a different history, each one is different. We have various experiences and ambitions. Like with everything else, what you have to do is to focus on being the best in your area of expertise and do and what is best for you.

The key is to make contacts and sell yourself!

This is one of the things that are really important to learn. Don’t limit yourself to creating content on your blog, but also make sure to meet new people (also bloggers!), tell them about your blog and reach the widest possible audience. You never know if a new acquaintance won’t end up as a fantastic collaboration.

Blog gives you a lot more possibilities than you can imagine

Although the blog is not a platform for me to advertise my business, thanks to it I met people with whom I work extremely well. Because, if you are able to publish regular postings on a subject that interests you, and be consistent and disciplined in what you are doing, is this not the best recommendation for you as the best person to cooperate with? You never know who can hit your network.

In fact, there are no rules here

The things I described above are the essence of blogging, but what I adore in blogging is the fact that I create my own place from scratch and it only depends on me how the whole process will run.

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Expand the boundaries, experiment with the content you publish, new tools and techniques, and, most of all, enjoy what you’re doing!

Photographer, blogger, walking inspiration. Photography has not always been my dream job, but one day I realized that camera is that one thing that brings me the biggest joy and it was a breakthrough and wonderful moment in my life! I love coffee, books, peanut butter and vanilla candles. I like to cook, eat healthy, and visit the gym (for as long as I don’t get muscle sores!). Self-development is my cup of tea. Because when you do something, give it all you’ve got!