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Oh Comic Sans, Why Do You Exist?

  23.05.2017   Design

On the Internet, the war between the supporters and opponents of Comic Sans has grown to the colossal proportions. Both sides unleashed the armies of meme creators, trolls, haters, and

One of the top trends this year is… an IKEA bag?

  16.05.2017   Photography

Not so long time ago the internet got flooded with pictures, posts, memes, and videos concerning one particular item – the characteristic, big blue shopping bag from IKEA. Everything began

What are the most popular design trends in 2017?

  11.05.2017   Design

Fashion and design are undergoing constant modifications. It is really hard to keep up. Trends come and go, so if you are in the designing business, you must constantly be

Have No Fear, Let Me Help You With Your Gear!

  9.05.2017   Photography

I’m receiving quite a lot of messages with questions about my photographs. One of the most common is not as much a question, as a complaint. People are wondering why

Gluten-Free, Red Bean Brownie with Peanut Butter

  2.05.2017   Photolicious Food

This cake is, in my opinion, one of the simplest to prepare, while it is also delicious and great-looking. It is an excellent choice, especially for taking photos. We have

How Can The Color Palette Feature Help You?

  2.05.2017   Kaboom News

As an artist, I try to make my posts colorful, imaginative, stimulating. But every once in a while I have to focus on the informative function of my entry. I

Welcome to the brand new world

  2.05.2017   Kaboom News

I almost named it a “brand new world order”, but there are still some things unfinished and so my plans for world domination are not yet complete. I’ll keep you