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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media. It’s A Trap!

Like probably everyone who works on the web, I too struggle with the urge to compare myself with other people I observe and admire. And while inspiration is fun and

20 Blogging WordPress Themes for 2018

  8.02.2018   Karolina Grabowska   Blogging

Unfortunately, many blogs nowadays fail even before they get going. The reason for this is not only the tremendous number of bloggers who seem to cover any topic in the

5 Tips That Can Take Your Blog To a Higher Level

  7.02.2018   Anna Ulanicka   Blogging

I believe that only by treating something seriously we can achieve serious results. It is rather difficult to become a professional in something you don’t pay too much attention to.

5 Photographic Tips For Bloggers

  25.01.2018   Anna Ulanicka   Blogging, Photography

I really enjoy watching the steady development of my skills as I take one shot after the other… Oh, but I’m not in the army, nor do I have anything

Update Your Old Posts And Generate More Traffic

  17.01.2018   Anna Ulanicka   Blogging

You don’t have to spend your days thinking of new ideas for blog posts. If you already blog for a while, you’ve already created a lot of content that can

How can you prepare your blog for 2018?

I love New Year – I love to analyze what I have managed to do so far, make summaries and new plans. The beginning of the year can also be

Find Your Power! 3 Simple Ways to Boost Creativity!

  22.11.2017   Angelika Dąbek   Blogging, Lifestyle

Is creativity the tool you use in your work for the most of the time? If yes, then better get ready, because sooner or later you will almost surely face

Canva And Seven Top Services That Will Help You Create The Best Content!

Canva, despite being a rather young project, is titled by millions of its users one of the best free graphic-design tools available on the web. With its intuitive interface and

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog?

  12.09.2017   Karolina Grabowska   Blogging

One of the most important methods to increase your online popularity is building backlinks to your website. In other words, those are all the redirections to your page from other