Why are the Photographers Crouching so Often?

Well, I don’t know if all do, but I surely am. Okay, I watched a few videos from photographic sessions on Youtube. And everybody’s crouching or doing squats πŸ˜€

The question is… why?

So, when it comes to photography, whether it’s the photography of people, objects, or interiors, it all should be done according to certain rules. One of them is perspective, or more precisely – the level from which we are taking the picture.

In the case of people, especially during fashion sessions, when we are taking a picture of the whole body, our camera should be more or less at the height of the model’s belly button, as it is practically the middle of the body.

The idea is to keep the proper body proportions!

If the picture is taken from the higher altitude, we get distortion involving shorter legs and longer torso. On the other hand, when we take the picture from a level lower than the belly button, the body will be shortened and legs elongated.

It’s just that such distortion is not a terrible mistake that spoils the image.
Sometimes it can work great, because, as you know, the longer the legs, the better.

Taking photos from the middle perspective will protect us from distortions like, for example, “collapsing walls” or violating the object’s proportions.

And that is why the photographers are crouching during their work πŸ˜‰

I wish I had a small, light and foldable barstool with wheels that I could take with me to sessions. If anyone knows where I can buy one, please let me know!

And now time for the cool story πŸ˜‰

I will remember the principles of shooting for the rest of my life… as well as my friend, and all who were present during a lecture, when I was a student. Well, our lecturer while discussing the perspective in shooting used an excellent example … I think it was something about Pamela Anderson and about the pictures taken at the wall – that’s where photographers are shooting in standing position, not lowering to the level of the belly button, so these photos are always distorted, showing short legs. However, our lecturer wanted to reach his audience even more forcefully and took my friend to the center of the room to show precisely on what level a photograph should take a picture. And that would still be okay if he hadn’t pulled up her sweater and showed everyone where EXACTLY the belly button is. You know, not everyone is familiar with this knowledge.

PS. I am going to write more about perspective in several other articles.

  • How does the perspective influence emotions in our recipients – again it’s about the level (top, bottom), but also about the direction, where the right = the future, the left = the past.
  • Correction of perspective (on the phone, in Photoshop).
  • Descending to the level of the model (like when we take a photograph of the dog – we must level the objective with its eyes instead of taking the photo from above, standing).

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