Create Unique Signature Brand #2

Create Unique Signature Brand #1

You already know from the previous post on How to Create Unique Signature Brand, that you can use the Stain Effect, The Message, and The People to achieve the titular effect.

Today, I would like to get you familiar with another 3 ways to make your brand stand out in the web crowd, and how to make it a valid part of the audience’s consciousness.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most popular ways of creating brand signatures – a story about the company’s beginnings, its founders, the motivation to develop our own brand or the circumstances in which it was created. A simple element of this method of image building is the hashtag #throwbackthursday (abbreviated #tbt), used for marking photographs presenting events from the past. First, it was used by the ordinary users of Instagram or Facebook, and then it was adopted by the big brands as one of their communicative elements. One of the examples is Lego – to celebrate her 80th anniversary, the company prepared a short video in the convention of an animated fairy tale:


2. Awareness

Another aspect of the brand signature is creating in the receivers the notion that a given company knows what is happening around it and what has happened in the past in various areas – culture, art, politics or marketing. The most popular example is the real-time marketing, which is an instant response or reaction to the current events. This type of brand signature building also involves increased vigilance regarding the actions of the competition – this kind of awareness has been shown, literally and metaphorically, by Jaguar, referring to the Mercedes’ hit with the hens. See for yourself:

3. Communication

The last of today’s inspirations that help build a unique brand signature is the use of…. polyphonic nature of communication. This is when the company listens to all the people connected to it. The employees, customers, suppliers, and all the others who have in one way or another become involved in the “life” of the brand. This polyphony makes the brand transparent and trustworthy for the recipients because nothing is hidden from them. An excellent example of such activities carried on by the company can be a blog run by employees, live reports on Instagram or Facebook from the company’s headquarters, a collective publication of comments or reviews from customers or filming the vlogs on YouTube. There are plenty of possibilities, and it’s best if they are all being realized at the same time!


You already know what a unique brand signature is and you know the tools that will allow you to build it. Remember that you can freely change, mix and combine the presented ideas. Make use of your creativity, follow the good practices of other brands, draw inspiration from the world around you and… find a golden mean for your own company. Good luck!


Guest post written by Anna Błaszczyk

Copywriter for the Conversacja agency. She loves writing and playing with words, as well as watching ingenious ads and… videos with seals. Her specialization is storytelling and SEO-copywriting. When she doesn’t write or invent big ideas, she devotes herself to her passions – cycling and cooking.


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