Create Unique Signature Brand #1

Is it possible to ensure that the recipient of a marketing message knows who the sender is before the author’s disclosure? Of course, it is! All you need to do is skillfully construct a signature brand, which will appear in all messages and channels addressed to potential customers or co-workers.

What is a unique signature brand? It is a characteristic sign (in the form of repetitive scenes, symbols, melodies or characters) that returns like a leitmotiv in all the company’s messages and allows it to be identified. Thanks to using such a sign, consumers recognize a particular brand at first sight, despite not knowing the message. So, how can we build such a distinctive signature?

1. The Stain Effect

One of the ways is to make use of the so-called stain effect. It’s about transferring the viewer’s attention to an object that is not a product or service of a given brand but symbolizes this product or service. Such a solution will be especially useful if we want to cleverly “hide” the sales purpose of the message and evoke specific emotions in the recipient. The stain effect also helps to explain the intricate mechanisms in an affordable, often entertaining way. An example of stain effect is the Mercedes advertisement, which shows how stable the suspension of their cars is with the use of…. chicken:


2. The Message

The second way of constructing a recognizable signature brand is to indicate in the marketing message the ideology or values of a given company. The aim is to make consumers familiar with the brand’s motives and identify it with a specific idea. It is an added value, which allows consumers to perceive the brand not only through the prism of its products or services but also through the mission it carrying out. Patagonia is a perfect example here. It has communicated its pro-ecological attitude through the campaign “Do not buy this jacket!”


3. The People

The third variant of building a unique signature brand is to show it through the prism of the history of the people who create it – employees, suppliers, founders. In this way, customers see the “human face” of a company. They learn that behind the brand are not just new technologies, but the hard work of many ordinary – extraordinary people who devote their time to the development of the company and shaping its image. The Volvo brand followed this road by creating an advertisement illustrating one day from the work of a car factory, in which employees – not cars – are the main heroes:


Summing Up

The ways mentioned above of creating a unique signature brand are examples that can be seen as an inspiration or as a scheme to create your own, recognizable sign. Keep in mind that the signature can be everything you think is unique in your history and distinguishes you from other brands that already exist on the market.

In the next article about unique brand signatures, I will show you three other ways to implement a specific image in the minds and hearts of recipients. Stay tuned!


Guest post written by Anna Błaszczyk

Copywriter for the Conversacja agency. She loves writing and playing with words, as well as watching ingenious ads and… videos with seals. Her specialization is storytelling and SEO-copywriting. When she doesn’t write or invent big ideas, she devotes herself to her passions – cycling and cooking.



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