Find Your Power! 3 Simple Ways to Boost Creativity!

Is creativity the tool you use in your work for the most of the time? If yes, then better get ready, because sooner or later you will almost surely face some kind of writer’s block. While the name of this condition suggests that it’s primarily associated with writing, it can happen to anyone, who creates stuff for a living – a photographer, a painter, an actor.

How to recover our original, productive state of mind in such situations?

1. Write Down Your Ideas

Don’t just rely on inspiration. A day may come when you won’t be able to come up with anything. It happens.

But how can we deal with this?

Well, first of all, one has to remember that maybe not all the ideas are good, but all of them are worth considering. So when you’re feeling creative, try to have as many ideas as possible!

Did you come up with something?

Even if at first glance it seems like a complete waste of your effort, just write it down for later. Create your own creative Rapid Reaction Force and call it to action when you are in need.

If nothing comes to your mind, a quick glance at the notebook or a file where you keep your ideas may offer a solution to your problem, boosting your productivity at the same time.

Sure, most of them may turn out to be useless, but if one out of ten is going to save your ass, it is a win! 😀

2. Give Yourself Some Time

Scientists claim that ASAP actions usually lead to a fuck up (yes, that’s exactly the words they used!)

When you are working creatively, you are in charge of planning and scheduling your tasks. Just make sure you have your deadline under control.

Let yourself fall in love with Google Calendar or “just do it vintage style,” and buy a paper calendar or planner.

Organize your work so that you have enough time to act. It’s difficult, but leaving important tasks for the very last moment and trying to complete them in panic is way harder.

Are you a freelancer? Develop a system of long contracts.

Don’t try to show off by forcing yourself to finish a bigger order within two days – the results will be opposite to intentions because even if you somehow manage to complete the project, it will be rushed, inaccurate. Chances are, the client will never contact you again.

While if you negotiate the contract well, estimating the time and costs correctly, not only will you have more time to finish it, you will probably earn more, and the client will acknowledge your skills and experience.

In result, your clients won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends and make use of your services in the future.

3. Take a Break


Are you stuck? The terms are closing in, but you can’t think of any solution? Take a deep breath, relax.

Postpone your work for a while – go and talk to colleagues or take a walk. Give yourself a few precious minutes to cool down.

If you are a freelancer and you are not limited by the office walls, you have more opportunities to catch a second wind. Take a bath, listen to music, meditate, or go to the gym.

If you’re your own boss, and the deadline is still far away, when it comes to spending your break time, the sky is the limit!

Refresh your mind and return to the task after a while. Especially when you are under pressure – stress will only block you further. First, you must get rid of it.

Also, don’t forget – even the worst situation can be solved!

Summing Up

Hopefully, you will find these few tips useful. They all sum up into one, most important concept – to stay calm, no matter the situation. Panic and stress are your mortal enemies, avoid them at all costs!

Oh, I forgot about one more clever idea to chill – you can take a look at some lovely photos 😉 Shall you need them for your projects, download as many as you want, they are free!

Do you have your own ways to fight against creative powerlessness? Write them in a comment!


Content Designer at the agency Niebieski Lis and the author of the blog Copyblogerka. She teaches how to create good content online and believes that anyone can learn it. When she's not writing, she hits the gym or goes for an occasional jog. Foodie and tv series addict - if they're good, she watches them by seasons rather than episodes.