We like to look – a simple visual coherence guide to social media #1

We tend to judge people by their looks. One quick glance at the hair, clothing and general appearance is enough to decide whether a person made good or bad first impression. The same principle works on the web, and it applies to your blog and FB page. Let’s talk about the visual side of your communication in social media.

I Wanna Be The Next Nike! – How To Make Your Brand Shine?

This text will tell you:

  • What is the visual coherence?
  • What are the elements of visual coherence in social media?

What is the visual coherence?

Imagine you’re shopping at your favorite brand. You might as well find yourself in another city and even in another country – but the clothes, decorations, staff uniforms, and sometimes even the smell will be identical. In marketing, visual coherence consists of all the graphic and typographic elements that a brand uses. These include logos, coloring, website layout, advertising materials, the look of your business documents, the arrangement of the office, all the way to the outfit of your employees. All these elements result in the brand sending a consistent message addressed to customers or potential investors, a message that is a part of the broader marketing strategy.


Remember about these elements

In social media, you do not have to bother with the arrangement of the office or the uniforms of your employees. There are three main elements that make your communication channels visually coherent:

  • Typography – Meaning the one or two fonts that you will use. They should go well with the typography on your blog. It is quite hard to be consistent if you write with Verdana in one place, while in the other you are using Lobster for the headers.
Reserved’ (fashion brand) Examples of Facebook Posts
  • Colors of pictures and graphics – Like the lilac on every Milka, or intense red on every bottle of Coke. The right color can significantly enhance your brand. Take examples from brands like Oreo, Kit Kat or Pepsi.
Kaboompics’ Free Stock Photo
  • Composition – a universal arrangement of individual elements present in most or all of the graphics. Ok, they do not always have to be visual elements, sometimes an original composition of the picture is enough. Your posts in social media should have a consistent composition – usually, those are various graphical elements or a logo always placed in the same spot. Sometimes a picture alone, identical to every post from the series, can make become such ‘consistent composition.’
House Of Cards’ (Netflix Original Series) Examples of Facebook Posts


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