How to create appealing marketing graphics?

Marketing graphics are a great way to get your message across. They provide information in an easy-to-understand format and can be designed for any audience. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to create appealing marketing graphics that will help you attract new customers and grow your business or SaaS marketing activities.


Setting up a goal will be the basis for ccrereating your design, and it’s important to use this as inspiration when building content.

Are you trying to drive enterprise sales, increase traffic, or build engagement with social media followers and fans? You should be able to answer these questions and create goals that will not only help your design but also allow you a way of telling your message visually.

Colors are the lifeblood of all design. They can set a mood, create an atmosphere, and be used to call up memories in ways that other media cannot match – sometimes even more vividly than any visual image could hope for!

You’ve got to know your audience. If you want them to buy what you’re selling, a good rule of thumb at is that less text reads better than more when it comes down to graphic design!

A study shows that it takes about seven times of seeing or hearing your brand for someone to recognize it. Consistency and repetition is key in order to keep a strong logo, color scheme, and font structure as well!

The key to success in marketing is understanding the audience and what they want. To do this, you must know which social media networks your target market frequents most often.

Knowing how different demographics use these social networking sites will help us create more engaging content that will be of interest to them all over the world!

Arusik Ghambaryan, SEO Expert, Viral Mango

Use as many senses as you can in your pictures. Colors, textures, sounds, and when possible smells should be included. Specific colors can evoke specific emotions (red=excitement) so use those colors to guide people’s thoughts about your product. Shapes are also important because they have meaning associated with them – round shapes like circles are relaxing while angular shapes like a triangle imply conflict or aggression – so keep that in mind when deciding what graphic materials to go for. Textures help communicate different things too, so textures too can be used throughout the design of the image in order to reinforce an idea or simply make it feel more inviting and realistic.

Bay Alarm Medical representative


Make it unique and it will be more than enough to get your audience’s attention. Nowadays, readers are tired of stock images and vectorized graphics grabbed from Undraw or similar websites. Everything looks like something you’ve seen before which is why creating a unique piece of visual design can make you stand out.

Petra Odak, Better Proposals


I would say that to create appealing and effective marketing graphics you need to grasp the first association with what you want to talk about and do something a little (or a lot) different. In other words, create an unexpected image with non-trivial idea, style, mood.

Maybe, you can even use some humor as well or convey a witty “pun” with your imagery. This will allow your imagery to stand out from the crowd while still helping you communicate the required message.

Other than that, the quality of your work (the technical aspect) and consistent brand style play an important role. You should also always tailor your graphics to the medium, e.g. social media, blog, ads, they will be communicated through.

Rimma Sytnik, senior digital marketing manager,


I like to take the strategy of top YouTubers. Why? Because every day, they compete with thousands of video thumbnails around theirs (which are essentially marketing graphics) to try to earn a click on their video.

These folks are master marketers.

There are a few strategies that are evident in the best thumbnails.

First, they often include a face that shows emotion. It’s proven that thumbnails with faces get clicked more. Use this strategy.

Second, use the ‘eyes closed’ test. Find a great YouTube thumbnail, and then close your eyes for a few seconds. Open them and determine where your eyes go first.

That wasn’t an accident.

The best creators use these strategies in their thumbnails (marketing images), and you can too!

Brooks Conkle, owner, 


Illustrate problems that benefit from visual form

Infographics work best when they beat all other presentation forms. They are best suited for sequential flows and data visualisations that allow the reader to combine a handful of statistics into a compelling case. In other words, for some ideas, the infographic is the simplest way to convey the message. On top of that, we process the visual information faster than text, and complex relationships between metrics and events would fail to captivate the reader when served as three pages of text instead 1-page graphic. An outstanding infographic also has to be concise and use every visual element to strengthen the message and not dilute it. Otherwise, it’s just a placeholder or illustration.

Michael Sena, Senacea


When it comes to creating appealing marketing graphics, readability is everything. A creative design with vivid images might seem beautiful, but with small and unreadable fonts, you’ll only waste your resources.

So, when creating your marketing graphics, make sure that everyone can read your text. It’s also important to use vivid and contrasting colors to ensure that it’s easy to see your message.

Lastly, make sure that your message is short and sweet. A block of text won’t intrigue passersby. It will also make your graphic hard to remember. So, next time you want to create appealing marketing graphics, keep these tips in mind: make sure your text is readable, use vivid and contrasting colors, and stick to something short, sweet, and punchy.

Ebnu Sudarso, Co-Founder of Milkwhale 


There are two primary ways to create a great marketing graphic.
One way to do it is by using data driven trends in your design, as opposed to creating something that’s just going to stand in the periphery of your business and not give any return on our investment for years.
The second is by making a point of supporting your marketer client with all the best resources that you can find on this planet.

It’s been shown that when marketers focus their efforts on building the best possible corporate identity, they also see an increase in customer loyalty while simultaneously saving costs.

InFlow marketing manager

Waiting for a designer to create stunning graphics for your marketing campaigns now belongs to the past. With tools like Picmaker, Canva, Bannerstack etc, it’s easy to create static graphics by yourself. There are also tools like Animaker, Vidyard, Toonly which can help with creating stunning graphic videos. Some tips include –

1. Choose the right colours to resonate with your brand and audience

2. Use your branding wisely

3. Stick to the rule of thirds and basic design principles while designing

4. Make sure you add catchy copies to your creative design to hit a chord

5. Fancy fonts belong to the past. Stick to your brand guidelines for font and usage of branded graphics

Rangarajan Nallappa, Marketing Lead, Vmaker


First and foremost, you need to remember the basics: 65% of people are visual learners, and all of us perceive the information via images (through the eyesight), not words; plus, a human brain is lazy, unwilling to dive into too complex visuals with tons of elements.

Given that, your rules for creating appealing marketing graphics are as follows:

– keep them simple;

– use your brand’s colors and fonts (the audience will “read” them and associate them with your brand subconsciously);

– think of conveying your brand’s main message via graphics;

– be consistent with graphic design;

– remember to brand graphics with your logo or website address (if appropriate);

– consider a marketing objective you want to pursue with each image you create: introduce your brand to the audience, evoke their interest, invite them to buy from you, etc.

Lesley Vos, Content Writer and Strategist, Bid4Papers


In this age of social media, your marketing graphics can create the first and best impression in the minds of the audience.

The headline and tagline of the graphic are very important to me. I believe a punchy and attention-grabbing headline/tagline will definitely keep my brand’s image in the audience’s mind.

Also, never overdo the design. You don’t want the attention to be pulled to the heavy artwork of your graphics rather than to the message you’re sharing.

There are lots of free tools out there to design marketing graphics. So, using such a tool will help you have a basic idea about the exact design that’ll suit your campaign.

Try to get input from your team members or friends before publishing the graphics. Another best way to find what works best is by doing A/B testing.

Vineet Gupta, Digital Marketing Team Lead, 


The process of creating marketing graphics typically starts with the positioning strategy and ending with the final design. The first step is to determine if your company has a position and what this position is. Then, the visual strategy will be developed based on your positioning strategy. This includes deciding how your visuals will support the chosen positioning strategy and how they will be integrated into your overall marketing plan. After this, you can start designing different types of images that can complement this particular strategy in order to complete the campaign visually in a cohesive way (i.e., creating an image for each step of an action). You can use tools like Canva or Visme to simplify the design process. Finally, you have to decide how these images are going to be used.

Max Benz, Founder,


One of the most crucial things when creating stunning marketing graphics is to brand your marketing visuals with your company’s logo and colors when appropriate. That said, when we talk about marketing graphics, less is more. The key here is to be very selective with your designs. Don’t try to fill the page with too many colors, graphic elements, and pictures, because it will end up looking cluttered and unappealing that can distract your audiences. It’s always better to keep them simple, especially if you create a lot of them at once.

And make sure that it is consistent. It’s best for you to have one cohesive style throughout so it will be easily recognizable. Distinctive marketing graphics can improve brand recall and make you stand out from your competitors.

Andre Oentoro, CEO of Breadnbeyond, 


Graphic content is undisputedly an important marketing strategy in today’s digital world. With social media platforms keep emerging, using engaging graphic content will help you reach out and connect with your target audience better.

One of the most efficient ways to create appealing graphic content for your marketing campaign is to ensure that it resonates with your goal. When making content, your graphic elements should support the context to liven up the meaning. You need to understand if certain lines, shapes, or colors can bring up the meaning of your campaign. You should consider learning color theory. Understand what types of colors give a sense of what you’re trying to say from your captions. Do not be afraid to experiment with your marketing graphic as you will learn the right formula along the way.

Natasha Rei, Digital Marketing Manager at Explainerd

The best way to differentiate your company is by making everything about you stand out. Be the disruptor. Don’t be like the other marketing agencies around town just doing what’s expected, and don’t just rely on yourself for all of your logo needs either. Explore different venues, experiment with new ideas.

Shawn Ragell, 

Owner of Brainy Bees -, a small, but sweet like honey, marketing agency based in Poland. She managed marketing activities (with a focus on social media and content marketing) for brands in 15+ countries. Insights are everywhere.