Ideas for Time Management

Sometimes we make things on time and sometimes…well, shit happens. It happens that tasks that usually take just a small amount of our time suddenly have no end, for example, tidying. Other times we feel that there is so much on our heads, that even thinking about it causes pain.

There are some techniques, quite simple in use that may provide a lot of help

  1. Try to decide faster what you are going to do in the nearest future (in the next fifteen minutes, a few hours or a day).
  2. Be consistent.
  3. Reserve time to make important, sometimes critical decisions.
  4. Do not call and message your friends while you are at work.
  5. Make a list of tasks (for example everything that you have to do on a particular day – shopping list, appointments, meetings, duties)
  6. Promise yourself that you will do as much as possible from the list.
  7. Do not put it off for tomorrow.
  8. Accept yourself as you are and be in harmony with yourself.

Time Management

First of all, we waste a tremendous amount of time to make simple decisions: “What am I going to do today? In what order should I clean up the apartment (start from the kitchen or maybe from the bathroom, perhaps the room?)” I have so much to do that I don’t know where to start – I stand and think: “Where should I begin?” And I don’t do it at all, I’m just thinking about it as the time passes by…

We do not realize how much time we spend on contemplation, analyzing simple, everyday tasks

Firstly: It is good to understand that these things are not so important. Simply do what is at hand, and then the next thing and another, without thinking about it for too long. There’s no need to waste time. The sequence of cleaning the house can be determined once and repeated every time there is a need for it, or we can just clean those parts that we want to at given time.

Secondly: Once we decide that we should be doing something, we better start doing it. It isn’t wise when we regularly change our mind. Of course, sometimes you have to think about the matter again, but the less you do it, the better.

Thirdly: If we have to make a crucial decision, we need to the right amount of time. If we have too little of it, we are nervous that it won’t be done carefully enough. And if too much, making a decision may take ages and nothing positive will come out of it. It’s good to distance ourselves from the situation, analyze, make a solid choice and begin to act consistently.

Time Management

Fourthly: Alright, points from 1 to 3 are done. Let’s say I make a decision to clean the garage today. It sounds boring, but Christmas are coming, and I pretty much have to. The garage will be clean before Christmas, and that is final! And so I stand there, ready to begin at any moment, and suddenly it turns out that I did not check e-mail this morning, and of course, I’m waiting for an important message. While I’m checking the mail, an idea appears – why not check Facebook, while I have a chance? So I check it and see this nice photo of my friend from primary school – well, why not write a comment? And now that I’m in this section, why shouldn’t I check EVERY SINGLE PHOTO IN HER ALBUM. Oh, and maybe I’ll check on some other people that I haven’t seen for ages… and so on and so forth, sounds familiar? Meanwhile, my garage is still as dirty as it was, perhaps even more, as it is additionally blemished by my feeling of guilt.

If we really have to procrastinate like that, we must do it in our free time – save a place for it in your schedule but make sure that you do it ONLY AFTER we have finished our daily duties. “Mission: garage” has to be completed.

Fifthly: To-do list is a natural way to make your life easier. A simple example is shopping – doing it with a shopping list saves a lot of time and money. Checking every completed task on our list with a tick is a very pleasant feeling.

Sixthly: It is important that you create your own list. According to your principles, beliefs, and priorities. And no one but you is responsible for it. Also, your approach towards it should be – “I will do as much as I can.”

Seventhly: No delays. Do the task immediately or as soon as possible. We do not realize how easy it is to forget about something that we postponed. Once the action is done, the feeling of accomplishments comes, filling us with energy.

Eighthly: Last, but equally important. Stay in harmony with yourself. All decisions have to be your own. And only yours. Have fun!





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