Kaboompics Recognition Roundup #1

The Internet is a very, very vast space.

To be found and noticed here, where billions of links compete for attention, is a little blessing!

You realize that people have found your work and dedication interesting enough that they are willing to spend time on your website, looking for information, stories, adventures, all sorts of entertainment, maybe even free photos?


Yes, as it turns out, people ARE looking for free photos! And they often find them here. And some of them even link to us on their social media profiles or blogs. And even A FEW of them include Kaboompics in their blog posts, praising us for our service! Wow, this sounds a bit military-like, but after all, we are, in a way, ‘shooting’.

I’m saying ‘we’ but in our humble team of 3 only Karolina takes the photos. So as you can see, Kaboompics is not a huge project with dozens of people behind it. What is behind it, however, is nothing but determination and the dream! The dream that is coming true every time we see ourselves named among the biggest and most popular photo services on this planet.

This is something that warms our heart and encourages us to try and give our best.

We believe that we’re not the only ones who experience such feelings -.^ That’s why we would like to show our gratitude and present here those, who decided somewhere along their surfing adventures that Kaboompics.com is one of those links that deserves to be included on their very website. Thanks, fams!

Here’s the first Kaboompics Recognition Roundup! It’s a shoutout to those, who recognized our effort. We want you to know, that we recognize yours too!

PS. Now, you may notice that some of the sources we link to in this post are a bit old, at least if you look at it from the online perspective. But that’s because it’s our first roundup and we wanted to take a look back at those big and smaller successes. In the future, you can expect fresh links. Probably about once every two weeks 😉

1. Mashable

We don’t really have to introduce Mashable. This digital media website holds a firm position in the top 1000 websites in the world. Thus, seeing Kaboompics on their 101 places to find amazing, royalty-free images for your business list is a reason to be proud! Even though there are 100 other services named here, and there are 3 mistakes in our description (it’s Kaboompics guys, one word!), we really appreciate it 😉 Next goal? Mashable top 10 free photo stocks 😛

2. Creative Boom

Creative Boom is one of this sides that drags you in once you take a peek. Why go to the gallery if you have such a place of art available on your mobile? Well, to support artists, obviously! It was just a figure of speech to make a good impression. Go to galleries, people! Anyway, Creative Boom is a place that every creative mind can treat as a source of inspiration (but go there just yet, we have a cool roundup ahead.)

We are on their chart – 20 of the best websites to download free stock photography in 2018, and they are soooo kind in their opinion of us, that we shall copy it and put here in letters slightly bigger, than the rest of the text!

‘A favourite of Creative Boom, KaboomPics is especially wonderful as it considers the complementary colour palette of each of its free stock photographs. So if you need something specific to match your design, then Kaboom should be your first port of call.’

3. How-To Geek

How is it, that the top services tend to write our name KABOOM PICS? This really is one word! Anyway, we can’t really complain when How-To Geek places Kaboompics on their list of Seven Sites With Free Photos You Can Use However You Want

It includes a reliable description (if we ignore this unfortunate kaboom_pics :P) that presents our best features. So, we’ll try to explain in a few sentences, what is it that they are doing.

There’s this Key & Peele sketch about Stan Lee (whom you may know from Marvel), in which he creates a hero named TECHNO, who ‘understands how to control any technological device’. Well, Mach Machines’ aim is to help you become more like TECHNO 😀 It’s a great website filled with all sorts of tech news and tutorials. Great people with a mission.

4. Hubspot

Reading Hubspot’s blog is always a pleasure for the brain 😛 They really commit to writing their posts. The bigger, therefore, is the pleasure to find Kaboompics on their list of 20 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites to Use in 2018

The author, Carly Stec, did a lot of hard work gathering data, so thanks to her efforts you’ll find a lot of useful information not only about Kaboompics but also 19 other great stocks.  And Hubspot? Well, they produce A MASSIVE amount of tools that can make your Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, and Sales operations a whole lotta easier.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite tries to mislead you with their list of 21 Awesome and Free Stock Photo Sites for Social Media Images! There are actually 22 Awesome Free Stock Photo Sites mentioned in their post. Hootsuite is a platform that helps you manage your social media better – if you’re looking for newest info about Instagram or Facebook changes, tips how to draw people to your channels, and run your social media accounts smoothly, they can help!

6. Heek

Heek is an interesting contraption – it is a chatbot that provides insights and ideas on how to build your own website. Has AI gone too far? 😀

It’s number 6 in our roundup, but it is a definite number one in our hearts! A whole post dedicated to Kaboompics! We couldn’t do a better job writing about ourselves! Thanks a lot, dear Emilie <3 Illustrating your website with bank images — Kaboompics

7. Template Monster

We don’t really have to introduce Template Monster, do we? 😉 Probably the most popular service on the web that develops various templates. They appear on our blog from time to time, providing valuable content, like this Ultimate Guide to WordPress Theme Installation. Sometimes, we appear on their website, like in this TOP-13 Photobanks Distributing Stock Images for TemplateMonster Themes. After all, if you’re a web designer, Kaboompics can become one of your best friends!

8. GoGoSandy

This service is all about tips and guides for beginning bloggers. If you are one, you can find a lot of useful information that can help you set up your own blog. No wonder they do a lot of ‘top lists’ with freebies that can be used by everyone who wants to start their internet adventure. Kaboompics is on top of one of such lists, which kinda makes us ‘Best Free Stock Photo Website for 2017‘ 😀 We hope this didn’t change this year!

9. Mach Machines

Mach Machines are a tech website that, apparently, also houses quite talented writers! That’s because we wouldn’t be able to explain what they are doing in better words, than their own:

Mach Machines strives to help people understand, dissect, learn, choose, discern and appreciate great personal technology.

And so it happens, that among their list of 3 Best Free Stock Photo Websites you can find Kaboompics (and the description clearly shows that they conducted dedicated research;) Thanks!

10. Restaurant Den

Restaurant Den is all about food (which makes it one of my favorite websites already :D) Well, maybe they are more about helping their customers to sell food, or promote their restaurants.  When it comes to promotion, some great looking food photos can do magic. That’s why they prepared a list of 20 Free Stock Food Photography Websites For Restaurants, and guess what? Kaboompics is there! We do have some cool foodies, true. After all, taking viral food photos and then eating the food is one of the simplest but greatest pleasures of life.

11. Start Digital @ Medium

Browsing through Medium is always a treat for the mind. This online publishing platform gathers thousands of prominent writers, who compete with each other to get with their content to the top. Seeing Kaboompics in one of the posts prepared by Start Digital, describing 15 of the Best Free Stock Image Sites to Use Now was a pleasant surprise 😉

12. Vegard

Mr. Vegard Skjefstad who runs his own website is a man dedicated to his research, as you can see in his post Find Free High Quality Photos Online

in which the focus is on quality, not quantity, and Kaboompics is being named as one of the 4 great services where you can look for free photos. Vegard has a neat, humble service filled with interesting news from the tech world.

13. FreeUI.Design

FreeUI.Design titles itself as ‘Best Collection of UI Design Resources and Inspiration.’ We can’t say if they’re the best, but they definitely have a good taste 😉 Find Kaboompics on their list of Top 7 Best Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers!


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