Others are making progress, money. And what about me?

Yeah, many of us use this words and try to compare ourselves to other people. We see how people that are not in any way smarter or talented than we are, make careers, develop their own companies, finish second faculties, and even start a family. We tend to draw our attention mainly towards those sectors where we feel that we have shortcomings, which we believe, could be improved…. and it always ends up with us feeling unpleasant, uncomplete.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Among other things, because we are ambitious. And it is OK, but we are also impatient … and it is here that the source of malaise has its beginning. We do not take into account the circumstances in which those “better ones” live, work and thrive. It may be that they have a business more successful than ours but this is ALL they got, while we have more friends, a lovely partner, and much more free time. We can not honestly compare ourselves to others. It will always be subjective. Remember that people in your company that you look up to, may as well be looking up to you!

OK. But what about the people, who have everything?

(Everything from our point of view.)

They may simply have had a better start. They might have found themselves in the right place at the right time, made the appropriate connections, or simply got everything they needed thanks to wealthy parents, etc. Just like this. In Buddhism, this is called the Law of Karma. One cannot negotiate with this – so it makes no sense to get frustrated that some people have more luck than we do. An elephant cannot win a race with a cheetah. However, an elephant does not have to – it simply has to focus on its strengths.

Summing up

It’s good to be ambitious. Only when we take into account our environment, our Karma and all sorts of our abilities, will we be able to find the right path that would get us where we want. We can complete our goals on our own, we do not have to always look up to somebody else. They can be an inspiration for us, but we do not need to copy their lives. There is no purpose to do that.


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