Real Estate Photo Editing Tips For Busy Photographers

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The problem of any photographer is the lack of time to edit photos. The high-quality photos of property do not exist without color correction, adjusting tones and shadows. If you still suffer from this problem and always sit at night in front of your monitor, creating professional photos for real estate, then here are 10 life hacks how to speed up the process of editing your property photos.

1. Mind the contract details

Before you start working with your client, conclude a contract or an agreement so that the interests of both parties are taken into account, and at the end of the cooperation, you will not have any complaints due to the failure to fulfill the terms of your work. Describe the number of the edited photos that the client will receive, so that you will not have to edit them all. Work on about 15 photos, but make them naturally enhanced.

2. Choose the best real estate photos editing software

If you are no amateur in this business, then you probably had already purchased several programs in which you make the photo editing. The leading real estate computer software is Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but you can read real estate software reviews on forums or on social networks if this is not enough for you.

Today, many other free and paid applications offer automatic packs of settings to save your time. By the way, do not forget about mobile applications, there are several decent kinds of free real estate software that can create a competitive photo (VSCO or SnapSeed).

3. Organize your workspace

Create a specific plan and sequence of actions, for example, upload photographs to a computer (preferably in RAW format), choose the best ones, use Photoshop for real estate photos, make color correction, use PS actions or Lightroom presets, correct perspective distortions, etc. Having organized these actions, you will have more time for complex editing, including removing unwanted objects from the picture. The same goes for the photographing process, read numerous real estate photography tips in the photography blogs – they can simplify the photo editing.

4. Make photos with the HDR effect

Almost all real estate photography tips are calling for using the HDR effect. Any free real estate software can handle with that, which not only fix minor defects but will make the pictures volume, colorful and rich. If the photos still look boring, try downloading real estate Lightroom presets. Having made several clicks on your laptop, you will get as many edited photos as you need.

5. Style

Many pro real estate photography tips say that the photographer’s portfolio should be in one style. It is intended, that there should be different photos showing your skills, but they can be edited in the same style. The presets, action sets, your favorite filters, paid services or free photography editing by different applications will come to the rescue here.

6. Make panoramic images

Special programs, like ArcSoft’s Panorama Maker, not only make all gluing and overlapping things but do it automatically and fast. As the result, you will get great panoramas of interior or exterior photos. Together with such real estate property software, there are also free online services for making panoramas, for example, CleVR.

7. Do not overdo with filters

Some clients like bright and clear photos with a flawless blue sky, but do not forget about the shadows that should be present, about the colors correctly conveyed and the texture of the details. The photo should remain natural, so use Photoshop for real estate photos for reasonable purposes. Having created beautiful and professional photos for real estate, you will earn yourself a high reputation and get new customers.

8. Protect your images

According to various real estate software reviews, Visual Watermark app will be able to cope faster and better with the imposing watermarks on your property image. It offers the templates where users can put their logo, address, name, website. The advantage for busy photographers is that the program has a batch editing function and can quickly place watermarks at least 30,000 photos at a time.

9. Forbidden things for the professional photo editor

Never imitate the style of other photographers. Create your own. If you do not have any time to edit photos, then contact photo editing services. Just let them be qualified photo editors who use professional real estate property software and have many years experience in this field.

Make sure that editing does not change the key essence of your original image. And do not overdo it. Do not show your skills, knowledge of all real estate photography tips and knowledge of Photoshop, applying them all at the same time in one photo. Don’t change the colors of furniture or other room’s appliances.

10. “Pay for play”

Once the image editing is completed, they are provided to the customer in full resolution, and also duplicated in a reduced form for publication on the Internet. The real estate photography editing software will make the reduction of photos by a special algorithm so that the details of the image do not disappear when the resolution is changed. But it’s worth getting paid for your services ahead so you do not back in square one.

Choose only a high-quality real estate computer software, mind all real estate photography trends, and use the last photo editing trends.

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