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  • 10 Signs You’re Ready for a Full-Time Freelance Career

    So you tried freelancing, and you liked it. You’re glad you have this source of additional income. You love the fact that the more you work, the more money you get. You always read those awesome blog posts from travelers who fund their trips from freelance work, but you’re not sure you’re up for that. […]

  • 5 Ways How Environment Affects Your Productivity

    Artists will be able to say how discouraging it can be when they can’t create a decent piece of art. Any writer who has ever had writer’s block will be able to testify how frustrating it is not to be able to scrape two sentences together. However, many of these blocks in creativity and productivity […]

  • Choose The Best Cafe To Work In!

    Where to start, if you’d like to choose the best cafe to work in? In many ways, people enjoy working remotely. However, spending whole days at home all by yourself can be, put it mildly, boring. The solution? Co-working or taking a walk to find a climatic café that offers some productivity-supportive environment. How do […]

  • Where Should I Work – At Home or At The Office?

    The dispute between those who like to work from home (or just remotely), and those, who prefer their offices is a recurring topic on the web. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s much more likely to hear the words ‘Hey! you work from home? I envy you so much!’, than something like […]

  • Others are making progress, money. And what about me?

    Yeah, many of us use this words and try to compare ourselves to other people. We see how people that are not in any way smarter or talented than we are, make careers, develop their own companies, finish second faculties, and even start a family. We tend to draw our attention mainly towards those sectors […]

  • 6 Hacks That Boost Your Productivity While Working from Home

    Over the past decades, we have witnessed a complete evolution in the way companies around the world operate. The concept of working from home first started sometime in the 1970s, thanks to the advancements made in technology back then. However, it wasn’t until recent years, that it actually started gaining immense popularity. While there are […]

  • Ideas for Time Management

    Sometimes we make things on time and sometimes…well, shit happens. It happens that tasks that usually take just a small amount of our time suddenly have no end, for example, tidying. Other times we feel that there is so much on our heads, that even thinking about it causes pain. There are some techniques, quite […]

  • Issues with time management – “What should I do next?”

    Do you know that feeling? We have so much on our minds that once we finish something we do not know what should be our next step. As a result, at the end of the day, week and even year, it turns out that we are behind with our work. Why is this happening to us? […]