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  • Create Unique Signature Brand #2

    You already know from the previous post on How to Create Unique Signature Brand, that you can use the Stain Effect, The Message, and The People to achieve the titular effect. Today, I would like to get you familiar with another 3 ways to make your brand stand out in the web crowd, and how […]

  • Others are making progress, money. And what about me?

    Yeah, many of us use this words and try to compare ourselves to other people. We see how people that are not in any way smarter or talented than we are, make careers, develop their own companies, finish second faculties, and even start a family. We tend to draw our attention mainly towards those sectors […]

  • Ideas for Time Management

    Sometimes we make things on time and sometimes…well, shit happens. It happens that tasks that usually take just a small amount of our time suddenly have no end, for example, tidying. Other times we feel that there is so much on our heads, that even thinking about it causes pain. There are some techniques, quite […]

  • Issues with time management – “What should I do next?”

    Do you know that feeling? We have so much on our minds that once we finish something we do not know what should be our next step. As a result, at the end of the day, week and even year, it turns out that we are behind with our work. Why is this happening to us? […]

  • Canva And Seven Top Services That Will Help You Create The Best Content!

    Canva, despite being a rather young project, is titled by millions of its users one of the best free graphic-design tools available on the web. With its intuitive interface and access to millions of photos, Canva usually provides enough means to create a sophisticated, satisfying graphic for our project. It’s free version includes: 1GB storage […]

  • A Short Guide To iPhone Photography and VSCO Editing

    In the beginning, this was supposed to be a part of my article about visiting Cracow, but I’ve decided that it will be better to turn it into a separate post. I’m an iPhone user for quite some time, and yet I’m still being surprised at times with the way its camera works. You can […]

  • 3 Quick Blogging Tips How To Choose The Best Photos

    As you visit Kaboompics and scroll through all the photos I’ve taken, it will come as no surprise when I tell you, I think photos are super important when it comes to building your brand. Images can make or break your website, depending on how you use them. There is a lot I’ve learned over […]

  • Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

    It’s probably hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Kaboompics was a precariously lit bonfire instead of the visual explosion it is today. When I was just starting out, I was paying more attention to the photos I was taking, figuring that if they were good enough, nothing else mattered. During that […]

  • 7 Rules of Adding Photos That Every Blogger Should Follow!

    Adding photos to your posts at random and without thinking too much is one of the most common mistakes made by bloggers. I often notice that photographs in posts are added according to the following rule: – Not bad? – Sure! – So let’s post it! As a result, each photograph is from different session, […]