Autumn is coming fast, and you’re probably already planning to spend these relentlessly extending evenings with a blanket, cider and your best friend, Netflix 馃榾 Change your plans! Bet on meaty lectures and networking. If it is possible, consider a visit to Poland! We have a beautiful Autumn.


And some interesting events, like industry meetings, major conferences, and local meetups. They are great! Thanks to them you can:

  • make interesting acquaintances with people from the industry
  • maintain the already made contacts with people from the industry (conferences provide the opportunity to catch up on our relationships with people that are really hard to meet otherwise)
  • exchange your creative experience
  • learn something, even a lot!
  • meet the speakers – people who you may admire and see as a source of inspiration

Oh, and you can complain a little bit in a company that really understands you 馃槈 Convinced? So let鈥檚 move on and see the events for designers that you can pay a visit to in 2018!


GrafConf – Toru艅, 13 October

One of the biggest events directed strictly at regular and graphic designers. The event organized by GrafMag magazine once again invites you to Toru艅 for a whole day filled with substantive knowledge. As in the past, the main themes of the event will be visual identification, website design, and illustrations. Polish designers, super-practitioners, and specialists in their fields will appear on stage: Bartosz Kosowski, Patryk Hardziej, Grzegorz R贸g and Mateusz Machalski.

Aleksandra Tulibacka, the event organizer and the editor-in-chief of GrafMag, invites you to the event:

This is the second edition of the conference organized by the Grafmag magazine. We鈥檇 like to, just as we do in our mag, convey maximum knowledge and focus on concrete and practical information. We run our own small studio and deal with broadly understood designing, so the problems of the creators are not alien to us – we struggle with them every day. That is why in the first place we invited practitioners – people known and valued in the industry. Those who we personally want to listen to and learn from.

For the second time, GrafConf will take place in the incredible interiors of CKK Jordanki – inspiring architecture, comfort and convenience are just some of the advantages of this place.

Is it worth to go there? Let the growing interest in the event be the best recommendation – EarlyBirds tickets disappeared in three days. You still have a chance to get Regular ones, though! Buy them here.


Element UX Talks – Pozna艅, 29 – 30 September

Are you familiar with Element Talks? If not, make up for it quickly! It is the biggest Polish conference, which attracts about 2 000 creative people from all over Poland every year. The 2019 edition will take place in May and will be merged with the European Design Awards. While at the end of September, the ET team, in cooperation with The Awwwesomes, would like to invite you to Element UX Talks.

The conference is the first event of the ET family to be fully devoted to User Experience. The event will include two days of substantive workshops and lectures combined with trade fairs, consultations, and networking. There will also be quizzes and competitions!

The group of speakers will include people not only from Poland but also from other countries 鈥 from both large and small companies. The main theme of the event is “FAIL”. The speakers will share the stories of their failures and the lessons they have learned from them. This may be quite inspiring! Tickets for the event can be purchased here.


Beta Internet – Rzesz贸w, 19 – 21 September

Knowledge of e-marketing and new technologies is good for you. It doesn’t matter whether you work as a freelancer on a daily basis or have a creative position in an agency. Your work is most likely connected to the internet 鈥 so try Beta Internet. In the coming months, it will certainly be one of the biggest events of this type in Poland. Each edition consists of an impressive number of lectures from the best experts – representatives of advertising and digital agencies, investors and startup players, people responsible for marketing in companies and agencies.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.


4th Eike Konig Warsaw, 14 – 23 September [exhibition/workshop]

Another event that girls from Element Talks helped to organize. In the second half of September, the Polish capital will host an exhibition by Eike K枚nig from Hort: Sorry, but all your beliefs have been devaluated.

The exhibition will showcase works and projects that go beyond the studio’s activities.

In Warsaw, Eike K枚nig will show a cross-section of his work from the last years, when the pendulum of creativity began to lean towards conceptual projects exploring the importance of branding and communication methods, and not only responding directly to the needs of the client and the market. – describes Anna Szyma艅ska from Element Talks.

The exhibition will be accompanied by two workshops – “Ugly ID鈥 on September 17th and 18th and the “Manual Work” on September 19th and 20th.

The workshop “Ugly ID” will include two days of trials, errors, and discussions about corporate formal order, why are they ugly and what does it mean, and if something can be done with it. With questions like:
鈥 Should logos be nice and how to improve the brand and its visuals without resorting to too frequent changes?
鈥 How to design boldly and not always according to the brand book?

The final results of the practical part will probably surprise most of us. During the second workshop, Eike will demonstrate in practice how available technical solutions and tool selection can shape the visual effect of your work and how your design decisions affect your production capabilities.

Thanks to the fact that the workshops will take place in the space of the exhibition SORRY BUT ALL YOUR BELIEFS HAVE BEEN DEVALUATED, the participants will be able to directly examine the effects of the Eike鈥檚 work and draw their own conclusions from them. – adds Ania Szyma艅ska.

Admission to the exhibition is free of charge; tickets for workshops can be purchased here


WUD – Cracow

One of the biggest conferences devoted to User Experience. Last year, the focus was on design for everyone. Speakers – practitioners and specialists in their field raised issues related to, among others, application design, communication between the designer and the client, or algorithms.

The event is presented by Sylwia Jasiak from the WUD Cracow team: It is one of the events organized as part of the Global World Usability Day, an initiative which in November brings together thousands of people from the User Experience industry in cities all over the world.
The event has settled in Cracow for good since 2012. This year’s theme, “Design for good or evil?”, will lead us to a discussion on the ethics and responsibility of the designer and the impact of his work on the life of each of us. Together we will consider where good design ends and where bad design begins, which often prevents users from achieving the intended goal.

Those interested in the event are welcome to watch our WUD Krakow profile on Facebook, where soon will be available details on the exact date and place of the conference.


EC Design Locally – Bia艂ystok, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw

People, inspirations, good lectures – We Design Locally are cyclical meetings addressed to designers, graphic designers, and architects. The meetings are held in Bia艂ystok, Bydgoszcz, and Warsaw. Admission to the events is free of charge.

Pssst. The creators are still looking for the organizers of the next events of We Design Locally. Do you want to show the creative side of your city? Write them a message on their Facebook