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Barbie - Barbiecore - Pink Aesthetic Pinterest Photography

Barbiecore Aesthetic: Elegance in a Pink Light

Barbiecore Aesthetic: Elegance in a Pink Light

Barbie - Barbiecore - Pink Aesthetic Pinterest Photography

A new trend is capturing hearts worldwide. It’s the one and only, iconic Barbie. 

Barbiecore, inspired by the pink aesthetics of Barbie, is permeating the fashion world, but in a way that might surprise even the most discerning style enthusiasts.

The Barbie Film: A Trendsetter

The Barbiecore trend didn’t just emerge from nowhere; it was ignited by the recent Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The film’s marketing campaign has been hailed as one of the best in history, and it has played a significant role in bringing Barbiecore to the forefront of fashion.

The film’s marketing success was based on two pillars: nostalgia for the well-known toy and clever, memorable sponsor collaborations. From renting out Barbie’s DreamHouse on Airbnb to designing roller skates with Impala, the film’s marketing strategies have made Barbie’s world come alive in our reality.

Barbiecore by Kaboompics: A Photoshoot

For us, a team of neutral aesthetic only, with colour palettes of muted natural colours like beige, white, grey, black, and brown, Barbiecore seemed to be the opposite of our style. Our hearts beat for minimalism, Japandi, and Wabi Sabi. But a challenge is a challenge, and Barbiecore is a trend that cannot be ignored (plus we totally love Barbie!)

So, we decided to create a photoshoot inspired by Barbie’s aesthetics, but in a Kaboompics way. Our Barbie is not just a doll; she’s an entrepreneur, a successful woman who is chic and elegant. It’s Barbie, Pinterest Style, or like some of our team members like to call her the Business Barbie!

Pink Outfits: Elegance Meets Barbie

In our Barbiecore shoot, it wasn’t about pink overkill. It was about blending pink with elegance and style. We chose pink outfits that were both bold and refined. Accessories were key to adding that Barbie spark but with class and sophistication.

Barbie as an Entrepreneur: A New Era of Barbiecore

Our vision of Barbiecore was not just about fashion; it was about portraying Barbie as an entrepreneur, a woman who is not only beautiful but also smart and determined. This is Barbie who conducts meetings and closes deals while looking fabulous.

Free Stock Photos: Barbiecore for Everyone

The entire shoot is available as free stock photos on We wanted others to be able to use these images in their projects and explore Barbiecore in a way that’s fresh and innovative.

Our Thoughts

Barbiecore is not just about pink clothes and dolls. It’s a movement that can be both fun and sophisticated. Our photoshoot was an attempt to explore this trend in a way that was true to our style but also paid homage to this iconic figure. The Barbie movie has played a pivotal role in making Barbiecore a global phenomenon, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay…

Are you ready to rediscover Barbiecore?

We invite you to download and use our images and to explore this fascinating trend in fashion. Whether you’re a Barbie fan or just love fashion, Barbiecore has something for everyone, even if pink is not your favourite colour.

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