Category: Photolicious Food

  • Learn How To Take Viral Food Photos

    These days, there’s a considerable number of people who go to fancy restaurants not only to eat a gourmet meal but also to take photos of it! Or perhaps the photo-taking part is the main reason? 😉 Today, I am sharing a few ideas how to present the contents of your plate in a way […]

  • Oreo Cupcakes

    These muffins are just perfect for cold winter nights. I associate them with winter months, December, January, and February, where one feels a massive inner need to absorb huge amounts of sweets, especially chocolate. Oreo cupcakes are easy to make and they taste delicious! Be sure to try them. Ingredients: 350 g flour 1 teaspoon of […]

  • Baked Christmas Pierogi – Where Tradition Meets the Modernity

    I love pierogi! They are an absolute hit of every Polish Christmas, but they are so delicious that I recommend them regardless of the season. The most popular ones are filled with cabbage and mushrooms, but they always come in the cooked version. So I thought – why not try a slight modification? Baked dumplings filled […]

  • Gluten-Free, Red Bean Brownie with Peanut Butter

    This cake is, in my opinion, one of the simplest to prepare, while it is also delicious and great-looking. It is an excellent choice, especially for taking photos. We have practically infinite possibilities of decorating it – you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar, cocoa, or pour on it the icing of any color. You […]