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Barbie - Barbiecore - Pink Aesthetic Pinterest Photography

Barbiecore Aesthetic: Elegance in a Pink Light

A new trend is capturing hearts worldwide. It’s the one and only, iconic Barbie.  Barbiecore, inspired by the pink aesthetics of Barbie, is permeating the fashion world, but in a way that might surprise even the most discerning style enthusiasts. The Barbie Film: A Trendsetter The Barbiecore trend didn’t just

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The Simplicity of Minimal Food Photography

These days, there’s a considerable number of people who go to fancy restaurants not only to eat a gourmet meal but also to take photos of it. Or perhaps the photo-taking part is the main reason? Today, I am sharing a few ideas how to present the contents of your

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Street Life of Japan

The post below, or rather an interview, is a courtesy of my dear friend, as well as a model that you can see on many of my photos – Bartek Raczyński. We have a lot in common with Bartek. For example, we both share a passion for photography and travel, though

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What Makes a Good Photo Great?

Is it the camera? No, at least it plays a much smaller role than you’d think.The lens maybe? Again, no. I’ve seen plenty of terrible photos taken using some very expensive gear. So what is it? We all know that there are some basic rules to follow if you want to

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A Short Guide To iPhone Photography and VSCO Editing

In the beginning, this was supposed to be a part of my article about visiting Cracow, but I’ve decided that it will be better to turn it into a separate post. I’m an iPhone user for quite some time, and yet I’m still being surprised at times with the way

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Have No Fear, Let Me Help You With Your Gear!

I’m receiving quite a lot of messages with questions about my photographs. One of the most common is not as much a question, as a complaint. People are wondering why they are not able to do photos similar to those I take. The answer is usually the same – you

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