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  • Building a Great Web Design: 7 Steps to Success

    According to Adobe research, 38% of users stop interacting with a website if it looks unattractive. And if we’re talking about a business website, it’s almost half the visitors that might be potential customers. But website designing takes a lot of time, efforts, requires skills and knowledge. That’s why the process takes from a couple […]

  • 9 Hottest Web Design Trends for 2019

    2018 has come to an end. And it’s a common practice among web designers to discuss at the beginning of the new year the trends that have a chance to become very popular in the following months. We are not going to break this tradition, aren’t we? OK, then it’s time to have a nice […]

  • 6 Polish Events for Designers That You Want To Be a Part Of!

    Autumn is coming fast, and you’re probably already planning to spend these relentlessly extending evenings with a blanket, cider and your best friend, Netflix 😀 Change your plans! Bet on meaty lectures and networking. If it is possible, consider a visit to Poland! We have a beautiful Autumn.   And some interesting events, like industry meetings, […]

  • 6 Wydarzeń dla Projektantów, w Których Weźmiesz Udział Jeszcze w Tym Roku!

    Jesień is coming, a Ty już planujesz coraz dłuższe wieczory z kocem, cydrem i najlepszym przyjacielem Netflixem? Zmień plany – postaw na mocne prelekcje i networking. Zobacz, na jakie spotkania dla kreatywnych powinieneś wybrać się jeszcze w tym roku.   Spotkania branżowe, duże konferencje i lokalne meetupy są super! To dzięki nim: nawiążesz ciekawe znajomości […]

  • Designers, just breathe! The fifth edition of Element Talks is coming

    We like such stories. Element Talks (formerly the Designer’s Hornbook) is an initiative which originated as a university project carried out by two students. Today, this is the most significant event for the creative industry in Poland – the fifth edition (June 16th and 17th) should attract about 2,000 creative people from all over Europe […]

  • Real Estate Photo Editing Tips For Busy Photographers

    Today’s post is a courtesy of FixThePhoto – our friendly neighborhood photo-retouching website, who share their experience on our blog. If you are looking for photo editing tips, you came to the right place! Enjoy 😉 The problem of any photographer is the lack of time to edit photos. The high-quality photos of property do not exist […]

  • Oh Comic Sans, Why Do You Exist?

    On the Internet, the war between the supporters and opponents of Comic Sans has grown to the colossal proportions. Both sides unleashed the armies of meme creators, trolls, haters, and other peculiar sorts of creatures born in the depths of the web. A regular person looks at this from the safe distance, trying not to […]

  • What are the most popular design trends in 2017?

    Fashion and design are undergoing constant modifications. It is really hard to keep up. Trends come and go, so if you are in the designing business, you must constantly be on your toes, not to miss the important changes. Fortunately, I may be able to help a little. After sending my little spying squirrels here and […]