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3 Important Facts That Will Help Attract Clients To Your Blog
Karolina // Kaboompics | 1 czerwca

I do not want to generalize, but I’m pretty sure that every blogger gets to the point where he/she begins

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7 Rules of Adding Photos That Every Blogger Should Follow!
Karolina // Kaboompics | 30 maja

Adding photos to your posts at random and without thinking too much is one of the most common mistakes made

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Hygge in Summer
Summer Hygge, Winter Hygge – Do They Differ?
Karolina // Kaboompics | 25 maja

Hygge! Sounds like a word from The Lord of the Rings, and not this pretty, Elvish one, rather Orcish. But

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Oh Comic Sans, Why Do You Exist?
Karolina // Kaboompics | 23 maja

On the Internet, the war between the supporters and opponents of Comic Sans has grown to the colossal proportions. Both

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One of the top trends this year is... and IKEA bag?
One of the top trends this year is… an IKEA bag?
Karolina // Kaboompics | 16 maja

Not so long time ago the internet got flooded with pictures, posts, memes, and videos concerning one particular item –

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What are the most popular design trends in 2017?
Karolina // Kaboompics | 11 maja

Fashion and design are undergoing constant modifications. It is really hard to keep up. Trends come and go, so if

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Have No Fear, Let Me Help You With Your Gear!
Karolina // Kaboompics | 9 maja

I’m receiving quite a lot of messages with questions about my photographs. One of the most common is not as

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Gluten-Free, Red Bean Brownie with Peanut Butter
Karolina // Kaboompics | 2 maja

This cake is, in my opinion, one of the simplest to prepare, while it is also delicious and great-looking. It

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How Can The Color Palette Feature Help You?
Karolina // Kaboompics | 2 maja

As an artist, I try to make my posts colorful, imaginative, stimulating. But every once in a while I have

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